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Hello world

Posted by HDoomGuy - December 3rd, 2018

tumblr can gag on my entire dick and balls - got much better hopes for this site though!7139778_154388080342_NNWqgpv.gif



eloquent as always.

lmao ye

I created a Tumblr account about a year ago just to keep track of your H-Doom releases. Now that they are banning adult content, I deleted my account because there is literally no reason for me to have it. Now I've created a Newgrounds account for the same reason. I love H-Doom and plan on buying a copy of Ion Maiden when I'm able to. Love you, HDoomGuy!

Good for you budd, many good artists were fucked over by this and glad you're all trudging on for the better.

Dumblr can suck a fuck
*AVGN noises*

Glad to see you over here too!

I hope you are comfortable with staying here.
I've just registered on Newgrounds to follow you.
Please continue being awesome!

In love with this so much doom guy !!! your to cool for tumblr anyway

Welcome to NG, enjoy your stay!

If they unban porn a year or two later it will probably be a very effective purge, since it will get rather empty over there, I mean Tumblr literally is 85% sex, 5% tasteful nudity, and 10% theme layouts. :v

Welcome to new-grounds, a place where everyone's childhoods were made lol

@Bri0reos exactly same thing here :D

never cared much about tumblr before, just checked it from time to time, you know..
but with this new policy they can go fuck themselves big time!!! deleted my tumblr account.

If i have to say what was wrong with H-Doom or MGQ3D, is that i had to create a Tumblr account to view the news, or even download the files. Now they're on a much better website, without the f*cking cringe i come across whenever i log into my account, and now i can get rid of the agony by deleting my tumblr account, since i just used it for the news on your stuff, which literally renders H-Doom and MGQ3D into the perfect mods. Anyways, welcome to Newgrounds.

Not going to lie, Tumblr just lost a good chunk of their active community. I know many LGBT Tumblr pages that had lewd stuff on it and now... all gone.


welcome to Newgrounds, gonna really miss your tumblr page, my page took a hit as well, I had nothing porn related on it, but they deleted my profile picture and banner

glad to see you here, gonna miss your tumblr page though

Yooo, when there going to be an updated install instruction page?

I can't play it. I assume I need ZDoom to run it, right? I have dowloaded ZDoom, and this. I have extracted the .pk3 file for hdoom. but now I just can't run it. I try to drag the .wad files from the hdoom onto the gzdoom.exe thing, but I still can only see DOOM 2: Hell on Earth (Doom 2) and DOOM shareware (Doom 1). I need a description of exactly what to do after clicking on "Latest HDoom Release (Download)".

I've figured it out. I've finally figured it out. The HDoom release that you have here doesn't have the IWAD file. it just doesn't. So yeah. I don't know what to do now. maybe, if someone would be kind enough, somebody could link directly to a copy of the required IWAD (probably through google drive) so I could download it direct. Please, I'm begging you

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