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after ... hours of work, it works. here is my step by step guide.

1: install zandronum: https://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fzandronum.com%2Fdownload&t=M2FkYWFkYTBmMTc3ZDUyZmM4ZDBiN2YyYTYyNjE5YjgzYTIzYjIwOCxheFBla3IzZA%3D%3D&b=t%3AT7FmyC-565Sn3qH1XCXPHw&p=https%3A%2F%2Fhdoomguy.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F172697344952%2Fhdoom-techdemo-9-release&m=1

2: extract it. you can use basically anything, winrar, winzip, etc.

3: download doom.wad 1 and 2. zandron suggests you do it from FREEDOOM, don't. it doesn't work. do it here. http://www.pc-freak.net/blog/doom-1-doom-2-doom-3-game-wad-files-for-download-playing-doom-on-debian-linux-via-freedoom-open-source-doom-engine/

4: just copy those two files into the same folder that you put zandron into. don't put them into a sub-folder, have them right there.

5: download the HDoom from here.

6: click on the HDoom file/open it. when it asks for what you want to use to open it, select zanron

it possibly wont ask you if you want to use zandron. however, it should just open hdoom by itself then, so no problem.

if you have any problems, message me through newgrounds. after about 2 days, if I haven't responded, email me. please don't spam my email, I'm trying to do a good thing here


Keep doing god's work my guy.
Excited for HDoom and MGQ3D <3

I'm glad I could find you here in Newgrounds! Hope you keep doing the best as always my friend, I will be following you as usual!

you are a bad ass

The baroness was always so beautiful, with her big, muscular build, her blonde hair, her huge breasts...one of the best that you've made.

I can't wait to see how far HDoom gets... it's amazing so far.

Tumblr was always an SJW echo chamber. Now they are just proving it even more.
Welcome to NG, bruh!)

Next, may you show us one using Neural Upscale?

I created this account at Newgrounds just to accompany you xD

Complains about Tumblr...
...proceeds to only post 1 update on new site then dies of inactivity.

I just downloaded the HDoom file do I just insert it into the files of Ultimate Doom? Do i need to unpack it first? Also where do I need to put it exactly?

Your work is awesome :)

Just recently downloaded it, and holy hell, love the work you do. Can't wait for more when it comes out, honestly

Idk why when i use the latest techno 9 the screen become buggy know way to fix it?

how do i put the mod into doom

Ok to play the mod you just have to open the .pk3 file with GZDoom, or just drag the file into the GZDoom.exe and that's it, select your Doom chapter of your preference and presto! while Doom II has a lot of hot enemies like the Mancubi and the Archvile, Revenants and Arachnotrons still lack their ero sprites, it's been years and the modder hasn't even mentioned his work on HDoom on his Twitter since years, so I guess it's up to the community.

Hi, I downloaded ur mod, but it is failing, with the following message:

Script error, "m12-hdoom_techdemo9.pk3: decorate / weapons / plasma.txt" line 28:

Unknown identifier 'CHAN_7'

Script error, "m12-hdoom_techdemo9.pk3: decorate / weapons / plasma.txt" line 35:

Unknown identifier 'CHAN_7'

Execution could not continue.

2 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts

Could you give me an idea of how to fix this

spawn of satan

Hola soy nuevo donde descargo el zukuentho mod?

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